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Help to Buy Windows?

Firstly, let’s be clear, there are no government based windows schemes out there. Any companies claiming they can get you free windows based on your circumstances aren’t being fully truthful. There are however companies out there that can offer you incentives to get you much cheaper windows through heavy discounts, scrappage of your old windows and finance options which make getting replacement windows much more affordable. TopFit will help you find the companies that are the best fit for you, meaning you can benefit from better energy saving, increased value to your home , and of course a nicer home for you to live in.


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Better energy saving, lower bills

Replacing your windows means better energy efficiency. If less heat is being lost from windows, then your home will be warmer and there will be less usage of your boiler and heating systems. the effect on your energy bills can be huge – we’re talking hundreds of pounds every year. Over the course of the lifetime of those windows, that turns into thousands of pounds, meaning that investing in replacement windows can be a wise choice for any homeowner.

Value to your home and living

On top of the energy saving value, new windows also increase the value of a property. Replacing old for new, could increase the value of a property by £8,000 to £10,000 and the deterioration of the value doesn’t diminish that quickly, so if there is a chance you might sell the property in the near or distant future, then windows can be a good investment. Further to this, new windows make your home much more aesthetically pleasing, which make your home a much lovelier place to be, and when the time comes, much easier to sell.

About TopFit

At Topfit, we strive to help you find the best windows, doors, porches, conservatories and orangeries at the best price. We have extensive expertise when it comes to windows, so we can direct you through the wide selection of window styles and materials to help you find what’s best for your budget and style. If you would like to receive free quotes today, simply start by entering your postcode.