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Need a New Heat Pump?

Whether you’ve moved into a new home or your feeling the cold, heat pumps have become a popular environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels. A heat pump allows you to move heat from one location to another location, using only a small amount of energy, heat pumps can be installed easily and can improve the energy efficiency of your home. We understand that your home improvement projects are important to you and therefore ensure that all our contractors are trusted, vetted and able to complete the required work in the time you need.


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Your Choice of Heat Pump Fitter

At TopFit, we work with a huge network of heat pump fitters throughout the UK who are certified, ready and want your custom.  And because the heat pump contractors who give you your quote know that you’re also getting quotes from other fitters, they are motivated to give you the best possible quote and provide the best possible service.

Heat pump fitters get most of their work from referrals are and we encourage this of contractors in our network as doing a great job for the customers that TopFit put them in touch with means they are more likely to get repeat and referral work. This in turn provides positive feedback and referrals to TopFit.

Your Choice of Heat Pump

If you’re not sure what type of heat pump you need, then our contractors can provide you with the best possible advice to provide ensure your get a solution to your needs at the best possible price. However, if you know what you want, then we can also ensure that we put you in contact with contractors who can meet your needs.

If you need a certain type of heat pump, then we can find a contractor for this. Whether it be Air Source, Ground Source, Water Source or you need advice, we have contractors in our network who can provide this.

We also understand that not all jobs are the same. Not all jobs are straight forward, cut and dry or simple. This is why we ensure that our contractors are flexible to meet your needs. Topfit is the only place you need to go to ensure that your project gets done.

About TopFit

At Topfit, we pride ourselves in making people’s home improvement process cheaper, quicker and easier. We filter through a range of highly-esteemed brands to find the best windows, doors, porches, boilers, conservatories and orangeries, based on customers’ budgets and unique style.